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Dementia Care and Education Campus

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The Dementia Care and Education Campus helps people living with all types and all stages of dementia, providing support from the time of diagnosis through the hospice journey. Nestled in the heart of central Phoenix at 44th Street and east Indianola Avenue, this innovative campus provides a full-spectrum of services and surrounds family members with compassionate support. In addition to a dementia Hospice Inpatient Home and Assisted Living Center, it also features an Adult Day Club to provide socialization for participants and give caregivers a break. An adjacent Child Center provides intergenerational enrichment and stimulating activities for preschoolers. The Education Center brings our community together to share best practices, and to train a dementia care workforce for the future.

The campus offers:
Education Center

The Community Education Center serves people from all walks of life — offering classes in dementia care to healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses, social workers and caregivers, as well as family care partners. This versatile facility provides a broad spectrum of care and education, including instructional workshops, professional training classes, support groups, caregiver skills labs, mindfulness sessions and community concerts. There is a conference room for up to 110 guests; a cozy living room for small groups; model bedroom and bathroom for teaching life skills; and a resource library.

Adult Day Club & Child Center

An Adult Day Club offers stimulating programs for people who have any type of dementia. Participants benefit from socialization while family members get a break from the stress of caregiving. Programs include a variety of engaging experiences in the activity room and art studio, plus pet and music therapy. Adult Day Club members also enjoy intergenerational activities with youngsters in the adjacent Child Center operated  by Prince of Peace Preschool. Children 2 to 5 years old experience a rich environment of art, water play, science, music, games and outdoor play on the natural playground in the campus courtyard.

Assisted Living Center

A 12-person Assisted Living Center serves those with dementia who may or may not be on hospice. It features private rooms as well as a suite designed to accommodate a couple. Residents at the Assisted Living Center enjoy full amenities, such as housekeeping, dining and salon services, piano music and an inviting space for socializing. Specially trained volunteers make visits to provide stimulating engagement opportunities—such as massage, art, music and pet therapy. Using their unique talents, they strive to engage the senses and make meaningful connections to enrich daily life.

Inpatient Home

A 10-person dementia Hospice Inpatient Home with private rooms serves those with advanced dementia who need more intensive short-term, round-the-clock care. Our experienced staff provide compassionate and loving care, helping patients achieve the best quality of life possible. Our professional clinical teams take a holistic approach using music, pet therapy, aromatherapy, massage and other techniques to make connections that bring joy and comfort. Families receive emotional support, education and resources to help them meet the challenges of caregiving.

Memory Café

Adjoining the Community Education Center is a Memory Café — a dementia-friendly place to gather, socialize and have a bite to eat.

It also hosts support groups for family caregivers to share experiences with one another.

Garden Courtyard

A lovely green space at the heart of the campus invites a leisurely stroll of the circular courtyard with plenty of places to sit and relax.

A sensory garden uses scent, movement and texture to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It is the perfect place to meditate, reflect and enjoy some solitude.

The courtyard can also host outdoor movies, concerts and other community events.