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Patient Charles Lynch and Caretaker Melinda Fernandez

Living well with dementia

Hospice of the Valley helps improve quality of life for people with all stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias — from those just starting to show signs to those who are quite advanced. Our experienced dementia team is here to support caregivers every step of the way and can work with the patient’s physician to create a customized plan of care.

We Provide
Patients stands with her supportive family
Supportive Care for Dementia

This unique service is the only in-home program in Arizona delivering clinical and emotional support to families caring for a loved one with any stage of dementia. Thanks to a federal grant, there is no charge for this service.

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Julie Bresnahan and Michael Hundemer
Dementia Hospice Care

Late-stage dementia patients cannot communicate with words, but our staff knows how to meet their needs and customize care with sensory activities that comfort and calm.  Medicare covers dementia hospice care.

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We support families living with all types and all stages of dementia. With our unique in-home Supportive Care for Dementia program and a full spectrum of services at our innovative Dementia Care and Education Campus, we help enhance quality of life. Caregivers learn to navigate challenges, create moments of joy and nurture their own well-being. Our goal is to help our community live well with dementia.