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Education Videos

Help for dementia caregivers

The following recordings are excerpts from dementia education presentations offered by Hospice of the Valley.

Understanding Dementia

Join us for a 3-part general overview of the most common types of dementia and how progressive brain changes impact thinking, functioning, and behaviors.

The Course of Dementia
Focusing on Comfort
Understanding Behavioral Expressions

This is a 4-part overview on behavioral expressions serving as a form of communication which often indicate the person living with dementia is experiencing discomfort in body, mind and/or spirit. We will explore methods to decode that language of distress and to maximize comfort and quality of life.

Delirium and Dementia
Behaviors and Possible Causes
Tips for Responding to Behaviors
Focus on Feelings

This is a 3-part series. Discover person-centered approaches to meaningfully connect with the person living with dementia using sensory and spiritual strategies that can optimize quality of life.

Customizing Experiences
Real Life Examples
The Influence of Music

This is a 3-part series. Let’s discuss evidence-based approaches for using individualized music to optimize the well-being of persons living with dementia and their care partners.

Music and the Brain
Personalized Music
Grief and Loss

This is a 3-part series. Grief and loss are common experiences for dementia care partners. The discussion will share research around this topic and offer evidence-based strategies for healthy coping.

Guidelines for the Journey
Brief Mindfulness Practices
Defining Mindfulness

This is a 3-part series. Mindfulness meditation practices will be woven together with dementia caregiving tips. Audio versions of mindfulness meditations will be offered for participants to practice at home.

What it is and why it matters

This is a 4-part series. A collaboration between hospice of the Valley and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Core Components & Health Care Decisions

Our own Dr. Gill Hamilton is highlighted by ASU for being a leader in meeting the tremendous challenges of bringing quality educational experiences to students during the pandemic. The video credits her with designing and delivering excellent learning opportunities by imagining new concepts, catalyzing ideas and forming new solutions to create positive change for humanity.