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Engagement and Enrichment

Engaging the senses

Our dementia teams provide dementia-specific models of care that engage the senses and enrich daily life. We use innovative and integrative therapies like music, aromatherapy, massage, and pet therapy—real live pet teams as well as robotic dogs and cats. These techniques can spark joy or bring patients a calming sense of peace.


Every dementia patient is unique and finding out what will most enrich each individual—is what our Quiet Moments program is all about. Our goal is to find the key that will unlock someone’s mind and heart—and usher in a little warmth, light and happiness.

Interactive Pets bring Joy

Buddy was losing interest in the world around him, until a battery-powered puppy came into his life. See how Hospice of the Valley uses these special interactive pets to bring joy and comfort to patients with dementia.